Composition of IQAC

Notification of formation of IQAC – 18th August 2019

It is hereby notified that as per the new guideline of IQAC the following members are selected for the formation of IQAC.

01 Principal Dr. S. K. Yerankar Chairman
02 Dr. A. W. Kolte Management Member
03 Dr. Dr. R. D. Ingole Member
04 Dr. P.N. Ladhe Member
05 Prof. S. S. Shukla Member
06 Dr. K. K. Pawar Member
07 Dr. D. R. Dhumale Member
08 Mr.  P.S. Patil Member
09 Mr. Rajesh Tayde Member (Alumni)
10 Dr. P.R. Bhoge Co-Ordinator