Minutes of IQAC Meeting

Minutes of IQAC meeting (with Action Taken Report)

A meeting of IQAC Committee was held at 2.00PM at IQAC room on 17th Sept.2018.  The minutes of the meeting are as follows-

  1. To approve the minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of previous meeting are approved.

  1. To reshuffle and welcome of committee members.

The committee has been constituted as per revised guidelines of NAAC which is effective from July 2018

  1. To constitute the committee for preparation and submission of AQAR.

The AQAR submission committee has been unanimously formed.

  1. To constitute expert committee for API verification.

API verification committee has been for  formed


The meeting of IQAC was concluded by IQAC coordinator Dr.P.R.Bhoge with summary and Prof. Dr.R.D.Ingole, the member of IQAC, expressed vote of Thanks.